The legacy of AKIJ GROUP is over half a century old and over the years Akij has established itself as the full of confidence and much revered industrial family of Bangladesh. If one company has grown along with country, it’s none other than Bangladesh’s Akij Growp, which in its fifty glorious years has been successful in putting its country on the map of industrially-growing countries in the region. One of the largest conglomerates in Bangladesh comprising 15 big companies with diverse activities and different products ranging from producing match sticks, tobacco, jute, and particle board to cement, food & beverage, and the list is not ending here with their venture in textile sector. The Group emerged more than five decades back in the market as jute traders followed by tobacco trading and manufacturing. From such humble beginnings it could climb the corporate ladder, rung after rung, with its dedicated perseverance to become one of the top five corporations in Bangladesh today. We as a Group AKIJ has always operated and continue to operate our businesses only on Quality with a deep rooted obligation to the Society. That is why, AKIJ mean’s “The Full of Trust”.

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