Akij Particle Board Mills Ltd

Akij Particle & Hard Board Mills Ltd. has come with the best particle board in Bangladesh. It started business in the year 2001 & already she has created a place in the market for improved quality.

     The factory is situated at Torraghat in Manikgonj District on the bank of the river Kaliganga.

     Akij Particle Board is a Timber substitute three-layer board made of wood chips. The objective is to produce and supply international standard Particle board to meet the demand of Architect, Interior Designers & Furniture Manufacturers in the country.

     With the guidance of Honorable M.D. Sheikh Akij Uddin, Akij Particle & Hard Board Mills Ltd. will maintain quality and better service to satisfy her valued customers and users.

     Due to the high levels of humidity in Bangladesh, wood is not a long lasting building material unless it is of the best quality and is excellently treated. However, good quality wood is very expensive and often acquired through the illegal eradication of forests which has led to many species becoming scarce. The rate at which objects made of wood need to be replaced is greater than the rate at which most trees grow. Particle boards are longer lasting, less expensive and greener alternative of wood. A lot of the scrap wood produced by various factories in the group is recycled to be particle boards.

     The wood is put into the Kolckaner drum chipper to be made into small pieces and then into the Maier flaker. By this time, the wood is reduced to very small chips. A hammer-mill is used to crush these chips and then a pair of coupled driers dry them. A refiner is used to make the chips even finer and a screener separates the various sizes of chips. Coarse and fine chips are put into separate silos. These are separately weighed by two batch-weighers and put into the glue blender where they are mixed with glue, paraffin wax and hardener. Each is blended separately and the fine and coarse chips receive different amounts of the chemicals. These blended chips then go to the former and come out of its three outlets. The first and third one is for the fine chips and the second for coarse chips. As a result a three layered, reinforced particle board is produced with fine particles on the external layers and a layer of coarse chips inside. There is an online moisture meter in the forming machine. An automatic weighing scale is involved in the quality control of the boards which are 4feet x 12feet.The thickness currently in production are 19mm and 12 mm. From the forming machine, the boards go to the Diffenbachger autopress and then to edge trimming, sanding and master sanding. Some of the boards are also veneered with woods such as teak.